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Pattern Review: Ellie Inspired Sweet Pea Coat

Today, I'm excited to be reviewing Ellie Inspired's darling Sweet Pea Coat pdf pattern as a part of their holiday collection blog tour. I don't know about you, but I have a huge affinity for classically style children's clothing. As a self-taught seamstress another thing I love when sewing up patterns is expanding my skills and learning new techniques. Classic styles? Learn something new? Sounds like Ellie Inspired to me!
Photo Courtesy Ellie Inspired and Laura Johnson

The Sweet Pea Coat pdf pattern comes in sizes 1-16 and is like a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure story. You can go simple if you're a beginner (or feeling lazy - shhh), sprinkle in a few new techniques if you're adventurous OR you can go full couture and use all the advanced options that are included in the pattern like adding sleeveheads and bound buttonholes . You can totally adapt the pattern to be sewn at your comfort level and that's another reason to love EI.

Photo Courtesy Ellie Inspired Sweet Pea Pattern

My favorite features of the coat are prissy little pleats in the front and back and the inseam pockets. There's options for cuffed or straight sleeves, fully lined or reversible, buttonholes or loops, embellishment options and even comes with a pattern for a hat! I went with a heavier wool fabric and found this fabulous houndstooth lining. Note: I am currently obsessed with houndstooth. Although, there were plenty of new tricks to try I kind of took the easy route. I did button loops because my machine and I disagree on buttonholes at the moment. Also, I found these pretty, vintage-y buttons and didn't want to struggle buttoning them each time. Kiwi said the buttons were pretty, that was it and for a minute I thought I'd sold her on the pockets, but she got over them. Darn.

Originally, I had all these fantasies of my little cutie prancing around in her fancy-schmancy mama made winter coat, but alas I woke up, reality set in and she was not having any part of my beautiful red wool coat. The closest this coat got to "on" her was this, however, I still adore it and I have 3 more months to catch her unawares.

As for the pattern itself I found it to be easy to comprehend with clear,well written instructions. Coats tend to be an easy sew for me with the exception of the finishing techniques which are up to the designer. I loved how the sleeves and lining were done in this pattern. I enjoyed reading through the more advanced options like bound button holes and adding a sleeve head although, I opted out on this try. I did have to learn how to do two things: slip stitch to close the coat (made it beautiful inside and really impressed Kiwi's Gma) and sew on a shank button. You don't have to use shank buttons, but these were so pretty how could I not?

Want to sew one up? You can get your own copy here. While you're there take a look around, she has got some amazing designs that are sure to catch your eye. If you decide that you need a bit of help or want to see what everyone else is sewing you can always go over to the EI Pattern Group on Facebook. Laura and the team or any one of the friendly members will be happy to lend a hand. Oh, and I'll be there too! :-) Hope you'll check out the rest of the blogtour and find your own favorite Ellie Inspired pattern.