Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Phillipa Blouse by Bobkin Designs - One Thimble Issue #15 Blog Tour

Hooray! I'm so excited to have finally purchased  my first issue of One Thimble Sewing Magazine*, but not only that I'm also touring with a host of awesome seamstress bloggers to show you why you NEED this issue. I got to make the Bobkin Designs Phillipa Blouse* and I think I may have impressed myself a little with this one, but first let me tell you a little about the magazine.

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One Thimble Sewing Magazine Issue 15 cover photo

 One Thimble is a digital e-zine that comes out quarterly and makes me drool. Every. Single. Time. As usual, One Thimble drew me in with a stunning dress pattern on the cover, but wait a minute, there's just as many boy patterns! This issue's theme was preppy, hipster and layer-able and the designers blew it out of the park! Seriously, there was some major seasoned talent included. If you're into wardrobe capsules, want to get started on back to school sewing or just like to dress your dapper young man and fashionable little miss well you definitely want to pick up OT Issue 15*. You can see all the contributing designers below.

Ok, now onto this little gem of a blouse. As soon as I saw it I could picture Kiwi dressed like a little Audrey Hepburn: classic colors and clean lines. I imagined pairing it with the Dax Trousers* or Miriam Skirt* with a cute little Pom Pom Beret* and the V neck Cardigan*. Ma Chere! There were so many options for my little fashionista, but since the pattern is labeled Intermediate/Advanced I wanted to make sure that I could actually make the blouse first.

One thing I like about Phillipa is that it's like a choose-you-own-adventure pattern. The shirt closes down the back with either buttons or snaps and there are 3 neckline options, 2 collar options, 2 sleeve options, optional pintucks and Vanessa even shows you two different ways of finishing your garment which includes a twist on a classic that I definitely want to try.

My daughter chose the pointed collar with the V-neckline. I picked capped sleeves and we both picked out this pre-embellished fabric from Joann Fabrics. I wish that I knew what it was, but I really can't remember. The fabric is very light and thin so french seams were important for my assembly. Vanessa does them with a serger, but I just did the regular method since my serger is out of commission at the moment. The collar is pretty easy to assemble with the given instructions and overall the pattern went together smoothly, even my buttonhole foot mostly worked for me. For the size I did a lot of blending and was very surprised how easy it was even though I used 4 different sizes altogether. The overall width is a size 2. With the relaxed fit I worried that it would have too much ease for my daughter. I am not a fan of clothes being too big, but this was just about perfect. I only messed with the length and arm-scythe.

While getting the fit right was relatively routine, getting photos was another story. My daughter either does "maniac" or "I'm over this because you won't let me be a maniac". Go figure.  I also forgot that white was a huge pain to photograph. Add on top of that the wrinkles in the material were almost a feature and the lace liked to burn while I worked on the wrinkles. Since I was in a time crunch I paired this top with the Marley Button Up Ruffle Pants that I made right before Easter. I happened to have used the same buttons for both.

 I kind of like the idea of being able to pair preppy with whimsy and Kiwi certainly approved.

Here is what she considers to be some of her best modeling. (Also, don't worry, we will be painting our walls a less depressing color soon)

Still not sure whether or not you can live without this issue of One Thimble*? Check out the rest of the ladies on the tour for some awesome inspiration then come back and let me know what your favorite pattern was. I'd love to hear from you.
                                                                                    - Teronia

One Thimble Magazine Issue 15 Blog Tour

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Here Comes the Bride: "Couture" Mini Bride Violette Field Threads Haven Dress and Romper

This past August, after 8 years of ups and downs, my daughter's father and I were married. We kept everything simple by only having one attendant a piece and just requested that all (40) guests wear our wedding colors, black or black and white, as we considered them to be our support and help throughout our journey to this point. Our "parents" were allowed to wear gold if they were walking with us. Since we planned the wedding in about 6 weeks I only had time for one handmade item and I knew that I wanted it to be my daughter's ensemble.

Photo Credit: Elizabeth Anne Bridal

 My daughter LOVES to dance. At any event or function possible and even when it's not a place to dance she will get down with the get-down. As the miniature bride, I knew that I wanted her to have a dress just a gorgeous as mine, but I also knew that I didn't want to see her pretend break dancing in it and break her neck. Also, if you know anything about a 5 year old and all white, well, let's just say I didn't want all my hard work to be ruined in one day. So, I took to the internet for a solution.

I have had the Violette Field Threads Haven pattern for about a year and I have been dying to make one for my daughter. Haven is a romper and dress pattern and how fitting because I needed the exact same thing: a romper and a dress, just at the same time
Photo Credit: Violette Field Threads
I searched their pattern group for hacks and tutorials until I found Cassie's version from a previous Top Stitcher's season with a detachable skirt. Don't you just love the waistband details? This lady has SERIOUS talent. So, thus armed, I had my game plan. Note: the Top Stitcher's competition is now run over here at Sewing Stadium.

Photo Credit: Lily Shine Boutique

Photo Credit: Lily Shine Boutique
I started with the Haven Pattern for the romper version and chose my bodice and shorts fabric. I loved this one textured bridal fabric and lace from Joann Fabrics and I chose a suitable special occasion black fabric similar to silk dupioni from them as well. I also bought 5 yards of some tulle that had little droplets that sparkled on in for the outer layers and a bolt of white tulle for the bottom layers.
Photo Credit: Elizabeth Anne Bridal
I tried putting snaps in the seat of the romper, but apparently, snaps get old and they didn't hold well. I think I ended up sewing it together and just making sure she went before and after the ceremony. My daughter is abnormally small so, making something for her for the first time is usually nerve-wracking, but how much more so when it's the day of your wedding!? I'm pretty much convinced that I'm a crazy woman. Nevertheless, I enjoyed every minute of the whole process.
Photo Credit: Elizabeth Anne Bridal

Especially, dressing up my baby doll and spending time together before the wedding. The raised design on her bodice looks like my dress embellishments.

Photo Credit: Elizabeth Anne Bridal

To get the fluff that I wanted for the overskirt I used 3 different gathering methods on a total of 6 layers of tulle each 5 yards long.  I lined the skirt and despite my best efforts to make it have a hook and eye closure I ended up with a ribbon sewn waist that tied to save on time. (I was sewing up until it was time for me to get ready!) I'm still determined to redo that part.

Photo Credit: Elizabeth Anne Bridal

Photo Credit: Elizabeth Anne Bridal

She took her walk down the aisle and to her dad seriously.  He's the one grinning like a fool in the background. My daughter was utterly enchanting in this dress and apparently she thought that she was a princess because she carried around the top layer like this the whole time.

To my knowledge, she had a pretty good time. Everything was such a whirlwind I could hardly keep up with her. Here she's taking a whack at the pinata and dancing in her "transformed" wedding attire.

Photo Credit: Elizabeth Anne Bridal

I have to say that this is one of y most memorable sews and definitely holds a special place in my heart. Maybe one day I'll be making her wedding dress but who knows, some things may be beyond my abilities, but I have plenty of time to learn.