June 29, 2017

A Wonder Woman Swim Suit & Our Swim Adventures [Swimsuit Edition Blog Tour]

Welcome! I wanted to share this cute little wonder woman inspired swim suit that I made using the Lil Luxe Collection Peach Beach Swim Set. Be sure to scroll to the bottom for today's GIVEAWAY as well as instructions for the GRAND PRIZE.

Summer was approaching so,  I signed my daughter up for swimming lessons and because I'm an anxious planner mom I signed her up in early May to start mid June. Around that same time Lil Luxe Collection was having a sale so I grabbed the Peach Beach Swim Set and I signed up for this very swim suit tour hosted by Lulu & Celeste and Sprouting Jujube Productions to make sure I actually got it done on time. Most often I need a deadline to motivate me to get something finished so this was about perfect. My original plan was to sew at least two swimsuits and buy another so I wouldn't have to wash everyday, not to mention I had like 3 weeks to get them done. At least I thought I did.

We went to Joann Fabrics to pick out her materials and I swear sewing swimwear makes me incredibly unstable. From choosing fabrics to adding my own little touches I'm always surprised that no one gets hurt.

The Peach Beach comes with a classic Maillot version and a two piece version and I love the bow and cut out detail in the front. We went with the two piece to make it public bathroom friendly. The bottoms are supposed to be high waist, but I didn't make them snug enough so hers droop some. It isn't a difficult pattern at all. We just had a few issues because of our fabric choices, but I got creative with the lining and made it work. I added the little vintage style tab pieces on the top of the bodice myself to make it more Wonder Woman-y. I also made the waist band a separate piece to add in more gold. The gold fabric is from the Ya Ya Han cosplay collection by the way.

Anyway, so that was Thursday. On Friday she asked if her suit was done because she had a birthday party to attend on Saturday and needed a suit. Um...that's tomorrow kid and no, it's not done."Well can you hurry up?" Seriously? I should have sent her little too narrow-for-store-bought-clothing butt to her room, but I am also an over-achiever mom, so naturally, I pulled an all nighter and just managed to keep it together long enough to get it done for the party.  When we got to the party instead of a slip n slide as advertised there was a bounce house and someone spraying water on the slide part as kids slid down. So, of course, my daughter never got wet the whole party. She didn't want water being sprayed in her face. That's ok, I only shaved 5 weeks off of my life missing a good night's sleep to get this done, but no big. Needless to say only one swimsuit was actually made by me, but she loved it so that works. Maybe one day when I forgive her I'll make the one piece for her, too.

Ok, so finally we started swim lessons last week. She looked so cute in her little suit! I was so proud and excited and...she pretty much cried that she was scared the whole first day. It was absolute torture. Luckily, her teacher has been SUPER patient and each day she has cried a little less and coughed and blinked even more dramatically when coming out of the water. This lady at the pool and I just chuckle the whole time at her theatrics. Tomorrow is our last day and I am so relieved, but I know she will need more sessions before it's all over. How proficient does a 6 year old need to be if her mom can only float on her back? I could just be her life-raft right?
 I have entirely given up on the cute boutique style photos with her. When I was editing I caught myself thinking something that my dad used to always say about me, "My child is strange." Thanks for passing it on dad. <insert eyeroll>

Don't mind her abs, she gets them from her dad. 

Did I mention that as soon as she put on her suit she immediately asked for gold wrist bands? At that point I was nearly dead. Maybe next time. 

Thanks so much for visiting! Don't forget to check out the other fabulous makes on the tour. You can see all of the links to catch up after the rafflecopters. 
                                                             XOXO - Teronia Sherece

Today's Giveaway:


Thursday: Jalie - $20.00 (CAD) gift card + Imagine Gnats $40(USD) gift card

Two ways to enter: Enter the Grand Prize Rafflecopter, and/or post a swimwear item you’ve sewn on Instagram. Readers can enter more than once on Instagram but must use a different photo/different sewn swim item per entry. (Ie. multiple photos of the same outfit only count as one entry). Items allowed: swimsuits and swim coverups for the entire family (women, men, children). To enter on IG: Post your photo and use the hashtag #TheSwimsuitEditionTour and tag @luluandceleste and @debzaleski in your post. Items can only have been sewn since the beginning of June 2017. Closes July 2nd 11:59pm EDT.

Prize: Phat Quarters $25(USD) gift card + Boo Designs $100(AUD) gift card + Sewing by Ti -$20(USD) gift card + Made by Jack's Mum - swim pdf pattern bundle

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May 30, 2017

| Petite Stitchery & Co | An Upcycled Sleeveless Laurel

I am really feeling this Bohemian trend that's been going on for the last few years. I'm not usually one to follow trends, but all the ruffles, hi-low hems and tops that dip on the sides are just so girly that I can't resist wanting to dress my daughter in every new trendy style that comes out. The downside is that my daughter is so small that I'm usually not in love with the fit on most store bought clothing items. So, I started with the  Petite Stitchery Laurel Tunic & Dress Pattern. I then headed to Walmart with my little and we picked out a polka dot shirt ($5) and 3 panda rib knit shirts ($1 each) so all together I spent $8 plus thread to make this cool summery dress. Note: I received the pattern for free in exchange for my honest opinion which I'm giving to you.

May 17, 2017

Phillipa Blouse by Bobkin Designs - One Thimble Issue #15 Blog Tour

Hooray! I'm so excited to have finally purchased  my first issue of One Thimble Sewing Magazine*, but not only that I'm also touring with a host of awesome seamstress bloggers to show you why you NEED this issue. I got to make the Bobkin Designs Phillipa Blouse* and I think I may have impressed myself a little with this one, but first let me tell you a little about the magazine.

*This post contains affiliate links. That means that should you decide you want something linked here I may receive a small compensation no additional cost to you. I promise to only recommend products or services that I love or believe in.

One Thimble Sewing Magazine Issue 15 cover photo

 One Thimble is a digital e-zine that comes out quarterly and makes me drool. Every. Single. Time. As usual, One Thimble drew me in with a stunning dress pattern on the cover, but wait a minute, there's just as many boy patterns! This issue's theme was preppy, hipster and layer-able and the designers blew it out of the park! Seriously, there was some major seasoned talent included. If you're into wardrobe capsules, want to get started on back to school sewing or just like to dress your dapper young man and fashionable little miss well you definitely want to pick up OT Issue 15*. You can see all the contributing designers below.

Ok, now onto this little gem of a blouse. As soon as I saw it I could picture Kiwi dressed like a little Audrey Hepburn: classic colors and clean lines. I imagined pairing it with the Dax Trousers* or Miriam Skirt* with a cute little Pom Pom Beret* and the V neck Cardigan*. Ma Chere! There were so many options for my little fashionista, but since the pattern is labeled Intermediate/Advanced I wanted to make sure that I could actually make the blouse first.

February 01, 2017

Here Comes the Bride: "Couture" Mini Bride Violette Field Threads Haven Dress and Romper

This past August, after 8 years of ups and downs, my daughter's father and I were married. We kept everything simple by only having one attendant a piece and just requested that all (40) guests wear our wedding colors, black or black and white, as we considered them to be our support and help throughout our journey to this point. Our "parents" were allowed to wear gold if they were walking with us. Since we planned the wedding in about 6 weeks I only had time for one handmade item and I knew that I wanted it to be my daughter's ensemble.

Photo Credit: Elizabeth Anne Bridal

 My daughter LOVES to dance. At any event or function possible and even when it's not a place to dance she will get down with the get-down. As the miniature bride, I knew that I wanted her to have a dress just a gorgeous as mine, but I also knew that I didn't want to see her pretend break dancing in it and break her neck. Also, if you know anything about a 5 year old and all white, well, let's just say I didn't want all my hard work to be ruined in one day. So, I took to the internet for a solution.